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It is known that heart beat garment industry worldwide in Garement District of New York. For years and years, America provides world unique brands, such as Levi's, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and more. No matter how hard they try, European production houses failing to keep pace with America because American clothes are inimitable and their quality is unbeatable. American jeans, skirts American, American sweaters, brief American American shirts, shoes Americans not comparable with the products offered in parallel in Europe. It is really the one indisputable, on which it is pointless to insist. In terms of fashion, if America coughs, the flu rest of the world.

Our company - BEST CHOICE SRL - has the object of just imposing American goods on the Romanian market. We offer second-hand clothing outperforms, most often, new clothes. They provide the wearer a style, an identity. They are trendy, always attentive to fashion pulsations.

Clothing items offered by us are not randomly collected as unfortunately often happens with those from Europe. They source the capital Washington DC and other prosperous areas of America where the working population especially in government, IT and public administration. There, people do not donate clothes that became obsolete, but as living standards Imouni a high rate of consumption. There the population buys clothes of a certain standard, which is reflected in our warehouse.

Since opening in 2002, we have focused on selling second-hand clothes in wholesale regime. Our headquarters is located in Iasi. Our customers - all over the country. From us are supplied with marketable clothes that do not have time to be 'bored' on the shelf. How do we manage to maintain an honest price for premium products? Simple! Being direct importers, eliminate all intermediate links, although their costs and commissions. We are the first and last link.

We have a warehouse with a capacity generous, because our stock is refreshed monthly with 20 tons of new clothes. Each season has its peculiarities. There are also promotional offers, based on customer loyalty or out of something. Every client is important and is always right.

Goods are packed in original bags, in small bales of 45 kg or in big bales of 400 kg, depending on demand. Each bag / bale containing disinfectants, sorted and wrapped in plastic. Because everything is in our view, bales have mandatory identification tag attached to the supplier.

But our services do not stop there. Weekly, we provide transport goods store customers, with our cars. We are waiting, hoping that we will prosper together!


Brian Streidel

Administrator General